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1- Achieving certificate of mother-friendly hospital from 1395


     Mother friendly hospital is a place that every mother, in any time of childbirth and up to 6 weeks after childbirth, receive effective and efficient services so that the health of her newborn is provided at this place and her presence make a pleasant memory from childbirth process.


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2- Achieving certificate of baby-friendly hospital from 1384


     At every baby-friendly hospital, education of pregnant mothers, skin contact (Touching) between mother and newborn baby immediately after the birth, on-time starting of breast feeding during the first hour after birth, continuity of breastfeeding frequently, Availability of full-time roommate for mother and her baby, forbidden using bottle and eventually supporting mothers, are a requirement and priorities for starting a successful breastfeeding.

The main objective of this kind of hospitals is guarantying the baby health and prevention of many sicknesses in childhood and also creation the best pattern of growth and education for baby.


دوستار کودک


3- Achieving first class certificate of accreditation from 1391 to now


     Having certificate of accreditation, provide a clear commitment making quality and safety improvement and patient caring and also provide assurance from a safe caring environment and continuous activity for decreasing threats in patients and staff in an organization.

In this kind of hospitals, following items have a significant attention:

1.Increase public trust about significant importance of quality and safety in patient caring for hospital

2.Preparing safe workplace which is providing staff satisfaction

3.Listen to patient words and his (her) relatives, respect to their rights and participating them in patient care

4.Creating coordination in organization for setting priorities and continuous leadership for promoting quality and safety of patient in all level


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