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  1. Receiving of desirable and safe services is one of the patient rights:

Offering health services should be based on:

  • Deserving of human dignity
  • Honesty, fairness and politeness
  • Regardless of any discrimination
  • Updated knowledge
  • Superiority of patient
  • Distributing health resources based on justice and treatment priorities of patient
  • Coordination of departments related to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Providing all the basic and necessary amenities far from imposing pain
  1. Information awareness for patient should be enough and suitable:

The content of information should involve following items:

  • Based on the prism of patient rights
  • Criteria and predictable costs and insurance principles
  • Name, responsibility and professional rank of medical team members
  • Diagnostic and treatment methods, weaknesses and strengths of each method and their side effects
  • How to access doctors and main members of medical team during treatment process
  • All the activities having research nature
  • Giving essential training for continuing treatment

Providing information should be:

  • In a suitable time
  • Adoptable with patient condition
  • Access right to registered information in clinical case, receiving its image and correction of listed mistakes
  1. Patient rights related to selection and free making decision in receiving health services, should be respected:

Range of selection and making decision have following items:

  • Select related doctor and centers providing health services
  • Select and ask second doctor as consultor
  • Participating or not participating in any research
  • Accept or rejection of suggested treatments after awareness of side effects

Selection and making decision should be involved:

  • Freely and consciously, based on receiving enough and comprehensive information
  • Having enough time for making decision and selection after providing information
  1. Providing health services should be based respect to patient privacy and consider secrecy principle:
  • Consider secrecy about all the information related to patient
  • Respect to patient privacy in all the treatment steps including diagnostic and treatment
  • Allowed access is available only for patient and treatment team and also people which allowed from patient
  • Having trusted person in all the diagnostics steps such as examinations
  1. Access to efficient system of complaints handling is one of the patient rights:
  • Complaints right to sue in terms of violation of patient rights (without disordering in quality of health services)
  • Awareness of how right to sue and its results
  • Compensate damages of health service provider mistakes after handling and proving

"Committee of medical ethics of Imam Hossein Hospital"

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